Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Shower Favor Tasting

My parents' neighbor works for Norman Love Confections, the "it" place to get chocolates and truffles. Pure artisans...and only the very finest ingredients- the Rolls Royce of chocolates. I had received them at Shaylee's baby shower and everyone really loved them (plus it was so awesome to say that I served Norman Love chocolates at my shower!) So of course I had to have them for Kaylyn's shower too! And since my theme colors are chocolate brown and sage green, I really hoped to have ones done that would tie into that. So I requested a tasting of the four that I thought not only sounded good, but also would coordinate with my theme colors.

From top left to right: Mint Chocolate, Pistachio Cherry,
Praline, and Tahitian Caramel
 So the contenders were.....

Mint Chocolate Chip: classic ice cream parlor feel in rich dark chocolate and creamy vanilla mint filling complete with tiny chocolate chips. This one of course would be a winner in my book as my favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip and my favorite candy is Junior Mints!

Pistachio Cherry: fresh tart cherry and vanilla jam layered on top of Sicilian pistachio ganache with a touch of amaretto coated in milk chocolate. This one was almost too beautiful to definitely fit my theme colors the best! And boy was it yummy!

Praline: Freshly ground roasted hazelnuts laced with creamy milk chocolate makes this an instant favorite. Soooo good, this one tied for 1st!

Tahitian Caramel: It begins with a layer of creamy milk chocolate filled with a buttery caramel center that oozes the essence of vanilla beans. Very rich, almost too sweet, but sooo good though.

I can't decide! I know I ruled our the Tahitian Caramel, but the other three were so good! Nils and my mom got to try them too so I will have to see what their opinions were to help make a decision. If it was based on looks alone, the Pistachio Cherry would be the clear winner, but since all three taste so damn good, based on flavor is just too hard to decide alone!!!

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