Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old Wives Tale- The Ring Trick

An old wives tale says that if you dangle your wedding ring on a string over your pregnant belly and it moves side to side (back and forth) then its gonna be a boy...if it swings in a circle, its gonna be a girl.

Since my ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow and there is a chance that we may learn the gender of Baby K, we had to try this trick out, just for fun. I had done it when I was pregnant with Shaylee the Christmas before she was born (wedding ring on loan since Nils and I were only engaged at the time, LOL) and it said I would have a girl so it was right then. Will it be right again?

At first we tried to use Nils' wedding ring but it apparently was too heavy and didn't move at all. I even joked around and blew on it to see if it would budge with no success so we slipped mine off and tied it on. Soon after hovering it over my belly, the ring slowly begun to move in a circular motion. I even had Nils balance his arm on my bent knees to steady his was definately moving in a circle!

What fun! According to this old wives tale, another girl is in our future!

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