Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's A.......

Between those perfect set of piggies it the telltale "hamburger"-
three white lines that indicate this is a little girl!
It's A Girl!!!

Presenting 'Kaylyn Monroe Laufer'!

Our appointment at Sweet Baby O Mine 4D Ultrasound was AMAZING! Not only did we get to see our newest addition moving around in 4D, but we also got a confirmation on the gender. Baby K is a GIRL! Kaylyn Monroe Laufer is what we have decided to call her. Its offical! At my last doctor's appointment, they thought it was a girl, but the baby's position made it difficult to confirm for sure. This appointment gave us over half an hour to "ooh" and "awww" over our tiny, precious baby and also gave us enough time to confirm that it was indeed a beautiful baby girl we were gazing at! And what a mover she is! She barely sat still the entire time we were viewing her! She was all about the hands about her face- it was hard to tell whether she was just touching her face or was actually sucking her thumb! Anyhow, it was adorable! She also had several shots of her smiling! She was actually smiling!!!

With my appointment package, I got a CD of over 200 photos, plus a DVD of her moving set to gentle classical music, four printed photos, a pink "Mommy's Sippy Cup" tumbler, a bag of coupons and business cards from various vendors, and a certificate that allows me to return and get the same package as my first visit for only $59 (our package we selected was $149)...and more! So now I got a great assortment of still photos of Kaylyn in the womb at 17 weeks! It was an AMAZING experience! I cannot wait to return to see her with more meat on her bones and actually get a sneak peek at what our second daughter really looks like (at this age, being so tiny, there isn't much fat on her so features are not able to be seen as clearly as a baby, say, at 30 weeks). I highly recommend not only this experience of a 4D ultrasound, but this place in particular, to all moms!

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