Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shaylee's 4th Birthday

With so much going on this weekend, we decided to keep Shaylee's birthday more low key than we had previous years. For her birthday, after our 4D ultrasound session at Sweet Baby O Mine 4D Ultrasound Studio, Nils, my mom, my grandmother, Shaylee and I all went to see Toy Story 3 in theaters after having a pizza lunch. The movie was adorable, which was to be expected from Disney and Pixar. When we went to leave, we were happy to see that they had a free face painter. Shaylee chose to have Barbie painted on hers. While waiting in line, I got a treat myself when Babies R Us called me on my cell and told me I had won a raffle I entered earlier that day. I got a Swaddle Me infant swaddling blanket!

After the movie, we met up at my parents to celebrate Shaylee's birthday with presents, cake and Baskin Robbins ice cream. Shaylee had originally wanted a Wow Wow Wubbzy birthday but since Party City was out of that kind of party supplies, she decided on Hannah Montana. I have to say, I liked this theme better.

I was quite impressed with one gift in particular. My cousin Joie gave Shaylee one of her favorite stuffed animals- her Velveteen Rabbit. This cute little bunny has a funny story. It used to belong to my brother when he was a baby. It was given to Joie and it soon became one of her favorite stuffed animals. Shaylee would try to steal "Bun Bun", as he was affectionately named, out of Joie's room when she was over at GG's. Joie would then tell Shaylee she couldn't come in her room if she had a pacifier. So now that Shaylee was to be pacifier free, Joie passed Bun Bun down to her, to comfort her in place of the pacifier with the story that now that she was a big girl and didn't have a pacifier, she could have a big girl toy like Joie's Bun Bun. I have to say, it was an awesome gesture!

The day was celebrated with the family playing a bowling game on the Wii. Shaylee, not having a nap, and starting day one of being without a pacifier, was extremely cranky and had several meltdowns throughout the evening. Needless to say, when the party was over, it didn't take long for her to pass out in the car ride home! I think all and all, she had a really nice birthday and got some pretty cool gifts!

Shaylee is now 4!

Dig in!

Diva gets super cute rhinestone capris and matching top

Opening gifts from Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Laverne

What a weird grin...???

Much nicer smile here!

Getting to be an ol' pro at this tearing into gifts!

More great books, can't wait to read them!

Strike a pose!

Presents from Great Uncle Johnny and Great Aunt Julie

Littlest Pet Shop toys rock!

From Mommy and Daddy, two Hannah Montana DVDs!

Shaylee is a Hannah Montana fan!

Special from Daddy, a big girl Hannah Montana watch!

GG picks some pretty cute clothes!

GG knows Shaylee loves art!

From Grandma and Grandpa, Shaylee's very own Wii game! Dancing!!!

For our little dancer, Grandma and Grandpa get her a new dance skirt

Great Aunt Julie must have picked this one out!

Shaylee's cousin had a very special gift for Shaylee- Bun Bun!

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