Friday, June 11, 2010

We Know Something You Don't Know!

Baby K's face!
My 16 week OBGYN appointment was today. At first I was a little peeved that my appointment had been scheduled and confirmed at one location and then when she showed up there 5 minutes before my appointment, they tell us that we are at the other location. So my ultrasound had to be bumped. The whole drive to the other office, I kept worrying that they wouldn't do the ultrasound at all.

But alas! Once at the other office, they did! After pointing out various parts such as the heart, the stomach, arms, legs, etc, it came time to check what was between those little legs! It took several minutes and me having to turn over on my left, then my right, and back onto my back, to get a shot- but there it was. The woman that did the sonogram was pretty certain of what we were seeing but suggested we wait to make any plan such as painting a nursery, until we were able to get a more clear and defined shot of what we were looking at. Either way....
We know Baby K's gender!
But everyone else, even Shaylee, has to wait until the actual gender reveal party June 19th.

Baby K's foot!
Anyhow, Baby K is perfectly healthy, if not completely stubborn! His/her positioning postponed the 4D ultrasound as he/she was transverse, meaning laying sideways instead of up and down, with his/her face facing out, shoulder down. So we got a good shot at the face but the sonographer was not able to get a clear view of the heart valves and therefore I will have to return in 4 weeks to get another ultrasound. They will do the free 4D ultrasound then. The positioning is completely fine for this early in pregnancy though they assured us. Surprisingly Baby K weighed in at more than I was expecting- 6 ounces! Wow! And I weighed in less than I was expecting, only 162.5 lbs. My blood pressure and everything is fine, no issues. Hurray!

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