Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lowes Build And Grow Clinic

About two weeks ago I signed Shaylee up for our local Lowes hardware store's Build and Grow Clinic for kids. Kids basically sign up to construct wooden crafts such as bird houses and such. This month was a picture frame.

 Unfortunately when today came around, I was not able to join in the fun and had to have Nils take Shaylee as I had been up all night with vomiting and "stomach upset". I could not keep anything down, not even water. Sucking on ice was the only way I could stay hydrated. Anyhow, the night was really rough for me, especcially being pregnant on top of it, so Nils agreed to take Shaylee so I could get some much needed sleep.

Shaylee had a lot of fun! It was nice that she got to go with her Daddy too...its much more of a Father-Daughter type project, than say, painting pottery had been with me. And she did a really good job! The picture frame came out adorable!
She got a certificate of completion and a really cute red Lowes Build and Grow apron. With this project also came a patch for building a picture frame which I sewed onto the apron soon after they got home. It appears there is a patch for each project they do! How cute! And the best part of this? It was free! How cool is that!

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